Thursday, November 27, 2008

Will It Ever End?

Well after all the stress and hell I endured preparing for the famous Thanksgiving feast, I apparently caught the stomach flu bug my daughter had last week.  I guess got my immune system down. Anyways, after having to miss out on my grandaughter's 1st birthday and make dinner, I couldn't eat a thing. I'm really starting to wonder if my being forced to live here for all these years has caused me to get an ulcer.  I'm getting paid to do this stuff because she's not able.  Oh will it ever end??

I know it might sound like I'm picking every little thing apart but believe me. When I'm sick it seems like everything irritates me.  Like our place was the last in line for everyone else to come to today so I knew that it would really only be 3 people that would be eating all the food. While preparing I took all that information and tried to make it to where we wouldn't have gobs of leftovers.  I hate wasting food and because of her there will be alot of food getting thrown in the garbage.

It's after midnight and all day I have kept saying how wore out and tired I was but you know what, I'm still up and going strong.

I guess it's safe to say that I'll have alot to write about so I'll be around here blogging for a  long time!  You lucky people. LOL

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