Friday, November 28, 2008

Switching Gears

I think I want to switch gears here and talk about something entirely away from the holiday season. As I was watching the local news, they made some remarks about the presidential turkey and my mind wandered back in time to a happy time. It was when our family of 3 lived down in DeRidder, Louisiana.

We had a pet baby Brahman bull when we lived in Louisiana, he was 3 days old when we bought him from the auction. We had to do the whole bottle thing. Our daughter was 2 or 3 at the time and it was too cold outside for the bull to stay outside for the night so my daughter slept next to him on the floor sharing her blanket. The following night the crazy thing climbed up in the bed with her! We had alot of happy and crazy times with "Sugar". I remember we had our family come in to visit our house for the first time. My parents and my husbands aunt and grandparents (his papaw was an old regular baptist preacher) I was in the kitchen preparing dinner while the rest were visiting in the frontroom. All of a sudden I hear a screech so I ran into the other room and found Sugar walking through the diningroom! He had let himself in the french screen doors. I was mortified but every else were rolling with laughter. That was only a couple of many, many stories I have about good ole Sugar

All my life I had animals. Believe me, if you don't own an animal, you are really missing out on the chance of having some fun and happy times and the opportunity of holding the memories in your heart and then telling them to your children and grandchildren. Some of the best memories I have of childhood is when I was sitting next to my mother and listening intently to her telling me the stories of when she was little with her pets and also of when I was little with mine.

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