Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Miss Out!

I was having a conversation with another adult today. The question came up "Why do some adult children distance themselves from their parents and siblings? Do they do it on purpose or don't they realize that they are doing it? Is the reason because they are ashamed of them? Do they think their childhood was that bad? or is it a reason that they themselves don't know the answer to?

I myself have a different perspective since both my parents and siblings are all past away. Actually I have lost more then them. I also have no grandparents, aunts or uncles. Although I had a good childhood and I was close to my family, I wish I was even closer to them while they were here. I told my parents often that I loved them and cared for them. My brother and sister also knew how I felt. And even though we lived a few hundred miles away, we had many conversations on the phone so we kept as close as we could. In fact, there were many times I would pack myself and the kids up in the car on a Friday afternoon and we'd drive up to spend the weekend.

I do have to admit that since I lost my family at such a young age, I try to not get too close to people except my own family. Husband, children and grandchildren. I know that I am probably missing out on alot of blessings and goodtimes because of it.

I need to have closeness with my family. People just don't realize alot of times that in an instant one could be gone. Parents need their kids, kids need their parents. Grandchildren need their grandparents. They need to know the love that grandparents have to give. It's probably gonna sound weird or maybe even crazy but that why I insist my grandkids call me grandma instead of mamaw. I feel there's alot of difference between the two.

To me, a grandma is an all around person filled with love, fun, and a gift more often then not. A mamaw is one that only has words and an occasional hug. They don't have or show the love that they could or should. To me grandma's mean so much more then mamaw's. In all my childhood, I never even heard of the word mamaw. I never knew it existed until I met my husband's family. Watching his family over the years is the reason I ave came to this conclusion. I'm sure that it's not this way with everyone's family but it is in ours.

So my message to all of you parents out there that still have little ones at home. You cannot grasp the heartfelt message that I'm trying to get out. To those of you who still have parents that are alive, don't quite get it. Someday they will be gone and you will wish that you weren't so distant from them and you'll wish that your kids could have gotten to know them. You just don't know how much love you and your kids are missing out on.

So my plea to you is to pull them closer then you ever have before. Cherish the times you have together and do it as often and as possible as you possibly can. If it impossible to be together because of lifestyles and miles then at least keep close over the phone or internet.

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