Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Received An Early Present

We had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving and our Grandaughter Lexie's Birthday at our daughter and son in law's new home this year. I knew there were going to be presents there because it was Lexie's 2nd birthday but I also got a gift too.
It wasn't one that could be opened but it was probably the greatewst gift that I could have gotten. It was announced right before dinner that I am going to be a grandma again! Isn't that wonderful!
Well, now I will find out if it all runs in the family. I bet that sounds confusing to you doesn't it. See in my family there were 3 kids and each 3 kids had both boys and girls BUT in Michael's family there were 3 kids and this is how theirs goes.
Michael had both girls and boy, his brother had all girls and his sister had all boys. Now we have 3 kids, Aimee has all boys, Michael has girl and boy now so far April has a girl so we'll see what happens. Does this all make sense to you?
I hope it dosen't ring true because she wants a boy so bad and so does Lexie. Just ask her and she'll tell you that she wants a baby brubber!

That was some great news wasn't it! Well the following night I got a phone call from my daughter telling me that she was at the Emergency Room. Thank God it wasn't for the first thing that entered my mind as it probably just did yours. Oh it's bad enough though, she's been diagnoised with that H1N1. Not something that she needs to be getting right now when she has just concieved.
All they did was diagnoised her, gave her some Tamaflu and sent her home. I can't believe they didn't admit her to the hospital! I mean all the bad stuff I've been hearing about things that can happen to a newly pregnant woman.
You know, after thinking about it for awhile, you know why they probably sent her home? No health insurance. That's a shame too that all these hospitals think about is not caring for people but caring if they do or don't have insurance!

My daughter and my son in law are not slackers, not at all! They both work 2 jobs, have 2 children to support and have just bought a house but the price of health insurance is so high that none of the jobs they have can afford it and neither can they.