Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Frustration Continues

I will be so happy when I have my own house and can do what I want when I want for the holidays!  Sure, doing the dinners were stressful but it was an enjoyable stress. You know what I mean?

Now I'm in someone else's house and I have to do the dinner the way they want and they get to invite whomever they want. I went from being invited to someone else's house for Thanksgiving to having to stay back and cook for 1 extra person yesterday to an extra 5 people. So much for a relaxful time. Thanks

I know, I know, loosen up, go with the flow right? Ahhh........ I could just scream. I feel like I don't own my life. I have no control of my life. I am constently being pushed and shoved to do things I don't want to do. I know jobs are like that but when your job is 24 hours a day it kind of gets monotonous. You know what I mean?

Oh my gosh, there's 3 of us in this tiny rabbit warren as my mom called apartment buildings and it seems like everytime the urge hits me or my husband,.
The other thing that drives me crazy is.  Now this is something eerie or creepy, however you want to put it. Her husband is deceased. He actually died in the room and bed she is in. She has a picture on the wall of him and we catch her talking to him all the time! She also has a picture of a grandson who committed suicide a few years ago and she talks to him too. This is NOT normal and is not right! She said they don't talk back but we've hid and listened to some of the conversations and we've heard some stuff where she was answering questions so you tell me, what do I do? I'd like to tell her doctor but under that stupid privacy act, it is forbidden. I don't know what to think, I mean do we have a spirit or ghost lingering in this apartment? I do have to admit, I get a weird feeling whenever I go into that room. If they are here then how do you make them leave? I can't even feel free enough to have private times with my husband. I feel like someones watching all the time. We've suggested the idea of moving and she's dead set against it. Well I'm planning on moving as soon as we possibly can, she can stay here with them if she wants to. LOL

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