Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Special Treats to Eat

I don't know where it came from, I mean my mind was no where close to thinking about this. It just kind of popped into my head! All of a sudden I started thinking about snacks I use to make for my kids. This is really strange because I'm not even hungry. So here it is for any of you that might be interested. Keep checking back to this particular blog entry because I will no doubt in the future think of another recipe and add to it. If you try them I'd sure like to hear how you liked them.

First> PIGGIES IN A BLANKET (I'm sure you've all heard of those)

Take hotdogs and cut them in half so they arent too long for little hands. Take a tube of regular biscuits and flatten them. Place a 1/2 of a slice of cheese on each biscuit. On top of that place you hotdog. Roll the biscuit around the hotdog making sure the cheese is totally enclosed in the biscuit. Place on a cookie sheet and bake in a 350* oven. Bake at least 5 minutes then watch them close till they are a golden brown. Optional-you can use smokie links instead of hotdogs


On a cookie sheet place each half of a hamburger bun crust down. Then spoon on each bun either pizza sauce or spagetti sauce (I liked spagetti sauce best) On top of that, place whatever kind of cheese you want. You can add any other kind of topping you want depending on your preference. Pepperoni, mushrooms, etc......
Bake in 350* oven for about 15-20 minutes.


Get tubed biscuits. Flatten each one. On top of each one put either pizza or spagetti sauce. Then add some cheese and whatever else you want. Bake in a 350* oven until the biscuits are golden brown. IMPORTANT! It doesnt take long so watch them close.

All of the above recipes are a big hit with the little ones because they are just the right size! I've also found that the littiest ones remember these all their life so it almost becomes a tradition and they are easy enough for them to help out in making them. More then likely, they too will end uo making them for and with their children.

Few Words With Alot of Thought

  GIVING is it's own reward

 or you can look at it this way

  GIVING in it's purist form expects nothing in return

need I say more?

Sunday, December 14, 2008


   Thinking about past Christmas's  is one thing that I usually try to avoid but as I watch the shows (that I watched when I was a kid) sometimes I can't control where my mind wanders.  I go into a daydream mode that takes me back, back to a time where everything was happy and carefree.

  When you're small, you think things will always be the way they are. But as you grow and things happen whether good or bad, you realize that those things fade away, never to return.  The only thing you have left to hold onto is the memories and the hope that you always remember those.  In most cases, you take those memories and carry on the traditions that were instilled when you were young.

  It is alot of fun and it brings alot of happiness when you have small children of your own.  To do things with them like your Mom & Dad did with you. Also knowing that they probably did the same thing when they were little.

  There are different traditions that I tried to carry on in remembrance of my parents. When I was small until even after I grew up and got married, on Christmas Eve my mother would wait until it was almost bedtime and bring out 2 books.  We would go into her bedroom, sit on the bed and she would read the stories to us.  By us, I mean, myself and my brother and sister.  Yes, even after we grew up and moved away, we would all gather there on Christmas Eve to hear the stories.  Then when we got married, most likely our spouses would also join us to also share that special time.

  As each of our families grew, they also would go into the bedroom and listen to those 2 precious stories. One is very familiar to everyone and that is "The Night Before Christmas" only the one we were so blessed to hear was out of a child's book from some time before 1947.  The pictures were old and some of the words much different from those that are in the books today.

  The other story is well very unique.  It is not known to the present world.  It came out of an old magazine which I believe was only sent out to union members in the electrical trade way, way back when my grandfather was in his later teens. Now since my parents are gone and my grandparents gone years and years before them, well it is very very old.

  It was the story of "The Christ Child". It took place in a little town of Veringaria.  See, like I told you, nobody has ever heard of it.  I have that magazine, I have the book and yes, every year, my children would hear the story.  It was a tradition then and I am hoping that my children will carry on this precious tradition with their families.

  Although I have the originals, I made copies and gave to my children.  I only hope that they too will take time on Christmas Eve, gather on their bed and read the stories as it has always been. Then when their children grow up they will also get a copy of these to share with their families.

  My children are grow and gone so I cannot do as my mother did but some day I hope that I too can have my children and all my grandchildren come sit with me on my bed and hear the stories.

  Now back to what I originally started out to write about. I kinda got lost in the moment for a minute. As my mind wandered off into the past, I remembered something that could of been lost forever.  I dreamed of a time with my grandmother. Something that I only had the opportunity to do just a couple times. I had to get to a certain age before I could join in her tradition with each of her grandkids.

 I would visit her not too long after Thanksgiving and we would make special cookies.  The kind you DON'T eat!  We would make all shapes and sizes for the tree.  We would make them, bake them and paint them.  It was so much fun!  I can't believe that I had forgot that for so many years.  But as I grew and she passed away, I guess I just got too busy in my own life.  It's sad but true and what is worse is that somewhere deep down inside, you too have forgotten memories of good old fashion traditions.

  So here it is, your opportunity whether you be male or female, start this year with a family tradition of your own.  Please, don't get lost in this crazy, busy world.  Slow down for awhile and spend some quality time this your little loved ones.  If you haven't got a clue as to what to do, here is the recipe for Holiday Cookie Ornaments.

  1 cup salt                                                                     2 Tbsp, vegatable oil
  2 cups  flour                                                                Various cookie cutters
  1 cup water                                                                 Water-based paints

  Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl, add the water and oil, then stir till wel blended. Once the dough holds together, make it into a ball and knead it with your hands to make a smooth texture. Place the dough onto a cutting board and using a rolling pin, roll the dough out into a pancake like shape that is thicker then you would use for regular cookies.* you want them thick so they won't crack and break.
  Cut out the ornaments with cookie cutters, design your own ornaments using a blunt knife or shape the dough with your fingers. Punch or carve a hole into the top of the ornament to thread a string, ribbon or piece of yarn to hang it on the tree. (Don't add the straing until after you bake)
 Place on cookie sheet and bake at 250 until hard (1-2 hours)  Once they have cooled completely, paint with water-based paint or you can use glitter and white household glue.
Now you can add whatever you are going to use to hang them.
These ornaments can be used year after year!

  Have fun, make memories and make a lasting tradition that can be carried on years after your gone!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fatal Attraction

Years ago Michael & I went through some very bad times. Someone professing to be a very good friend of mine decided to tear mine & my kids life apart. Why? We're still not sure except we later discovered she wasn't right in the head. Unfortunately even now every so often when the mood strikes her, she tries to creep back into our lives. Michael and I guess I do too, feel sorry for her. It's a shame that someone who could do alot of good in the world, instead, is determined to try to reek havoc and chaos.

It never fails, every year around the holidays, the anonymous phone calls begin. This kind of stuff has been going on for years and I don't mean just a couple. She will call repeatedly until Michael answers the phone. I don't know how many times when either myself or Michael's mother answers the phone only to be hung up on. She just doesn't get the fact that Michael & I do not have secrets from one another. The other night when I wasn't able to answer the phone, Michael answered it and guess who it was. The first thing he said after hanging up the phone was...... she's at it again.

She doesn't stop with the phone calls, she also emails him. A couple years ago she was in an accident where she had a pretty severe head injury. Although her and her husband were totally intoxicated, she of course sued and ended up winning a substantial amount of money. It's too bad it didn't put some sense in her head instead of the same sick thoughts. It's too bad that that she wouldn't get her life right and do some good with it.

Anyways, truth be told, she was one of the main factors of us losing our dream house several years back in Kentucky. Michael & I have had many conversations concerning this and he always says the same thing. It's too bad she doesn't try to repay us for all the things she caused our family to lose. Of course she couldn't repay all the hurt, damage and trauma she caused our 3 kids as well as her own kids.

When Michael opens an email from her and it starts out, "email me back and let me know that she doesn't know your password" well that is the tip off that she's up to her sick tricks again. It's a very sad thing. If she'd just put as much effort into doing good as she does bad, the world would be a much better place.

She's done some pretty low stuff but I think the lowest is when she professed to be saved. Oh she's told so many lies. Like telling 2 or 3 men that she was pregnant and they were the father. She told her son that his dad had died (I still haven't figured out why she did that!) she told everyone that she had cancer, the list goes on and on.

All anyone can do is pray for her, pray that she changes her wicked, evil ways and truly become a true child of God. I'm afraid that as many years Michael & I have prayed for her salvation and it's apparent that it hasn't happened yet, she has sold her soul to the devil and it's gonna take a miracle to save her now.

So please, everyone who reads this blog, Michael & I both are asking that you join us and pray for a miracle to happen in her life. That God is able to break through the hold that Satan has over her and she has a REAL life changing experience salvation. With God, all things are possible.

Something Special For You From Me

Merry Christmas to ALL of you. Please feel free to copy and paste the link if you'd like to use it.


Pray for a Miracle

  This is going to be a different blog entry then I usually do.  If you've been following my blog then you know how I feel around this time of year.  I have been watching every Christmas show that I can find on tv trying to rid myself of my humbug spirit that takes over.  I have the usual giving heart that I always have but  it's at this time of the year when I get overly obsessed with it.  No matter how much I give, I have this need to give more.  And when it's not possible to give more, I get more depressed.

  So here is where my blog will change (at least this one).  I NEED something. I need something that only you can give me.  I need a prayer sent up above from you.  It needs to be a heartfelt prayer from you.  Also when you are talking to your friends I need you to ask them to pray for me in their prayers.  I guess you could think of it as a chain letter.  A request that will always be getting bigger and bigger.  A never-ending prayer sent for me.

  Pray that God will touch this building I live in and continue to hold it in His hands so that each person here will feel and recognize a change in themselves.  Pray that God gives each and every person the feeling of peace and contentment.  Give them a spirit of giving and thankfulness.  Pray that they will open their hearts and it will be a permanent change.   Also have your prayer include the staff that are in control of the building.  It needs to trickle through everyone associated with the Skyrise.

  Michael and I had a conversation concerning my writings so pray that I can honor his request and I will bind my negative thoughts which flow into my fingers when I type.  There is one subject though that I need to include in this blog.  In your prayers, please include that the person which claims to be a cat hater will do a 360 degree turn around and love cats.

  Anyone that knows me very well, knows my love for cats. They know how much I need them around me.  I haven't ever been this long without a cat in my whole life.  I really feel that it is the root of my feelings of negativity and complaining.  The main reason why I am depressed 95% of the time.  In the past, my cats were the ones I had to hold and love me no matter what.  My closest friend and confidante that would listen closely and would never turn their back on me.

  So to anyone that is reading this, pray that somehow, someway I will soon be able to own a cat again.  I know, I know, God is the one that is always there to talk to and confide in.  But a cat is something I can see and converse with. Sure, I could have conversations with a picture on the wall but you know and I know that, that in itself is a sign of one losing their mind and I think God that I haven't gotten to that point. Although their is someone that I know that does that sort of thing everyday, ALL the time.

  That is another reson why I need to have a cat around. Maybe, just maybe this person would stop creeping everyone out and talk to the cat instead of the wall.  Maybe they would finally come to grips and realize that it is just crazy to have two-sided conversations with people in a picture on the wall.

  Well it's starting to creep into negative writings again so I thank God that I recognize it and know that I should stop now.  So again, I ask you, please include my need for a miracle in my life.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Want MOre, MORe, MORE!!!!!!!

As I watch Christmas show after Christmas show trying my hardest to get into the Christmas Spirit. I get more and more depressed. The reason? I think I've shared that already in a prior blog but tonight I realized that my depression is not only for the reasons I've already said but because of something else.

What are you so upset about at such a wonderful time of the year you ask? Well, I WANT! I want more then I have! I want more so I can do more!

I am upset, extremely upset, extremely depressed. But why? Well I am upset because I am not able to do what I think I need to do at this time of the year. I want to give. I want to give, give, give! I want to give to people who are less fortunate then I. I want to give to my children and their families. I want to give to those that are cold and hungry.

My mother showed me how happy it made her to give. Give as much as she possibly could. Give to as many people as she could. It was at this time of the year that I seen her the happiest and by doing so, she instilled into my heart that precious gift.

For years I had the honor of helping her by going shopping with her and finding the "buried treasures" at the department stores hidden in the clearance racks and shelves. Sitting next to her at her kitchen table and sharing stories as I wrapped gift after gift to the nameless person that would soon receive it.

We would be at that table night after night as my poor fingers would get so tired of all the boxes and gift paper but it was fun! My part was to wrap and hers to write either man or woman on the gift tag. There were times that we never thought we'd get it all done but every year it would! We might still be at that table til the middle of the night the night before Christmas but that would only add to the excitement!

She would also search through mine and my brother and sisters friends until she found just the right family and provide presents for them too. My mother loved to spread happiness at Christmas.

I never can figure out how we had time to wrap all of the presents for our family but it would all miraculously get done.

I guess with the memories of that past and the knowledge of the present of not being able to do what she used to do. That is why this time of the year is the most depressing for me. But one day, one day I too will have the means to be able to follow my mother footsteps and spread the happiness too.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3-CUP WALL-E widget

Better Late Then Never

My Wish List
This list will probably get added to for a long time so check back!

This is a list of things I'd like but I know there's things on it that are unreachable.

1. Home in the Country (preferably Kentucky)

2. Have my Nova fixed up & painted

3. WebCam

4. Digital Camera/Video Recorder

5. Levis

6. Shirts (no sleeves)

7. Tennis Shoes

8. All my Children Living Close to Me

9. My Storage Unit Cleaned Out

10. Road Trip Vacation on Route 66 (taking time to smell the roses)

11. A Different Dream every night about my childhood

12. Write a Book of Memories for my Grandkids

13. I want to buy my house back in Shepherdsville, Kentucky

14.Buy 20 acres of land and build a house on all 4 corners (1 for me & each of my kids)

15. Go Ice Skating

16. Go Roller Skating

Monday, December 1, 2008


My husband had the chance to preach after several years and I must say he was definitely touched by the hand of God. The Holy Spirit was so strong during worship. I dare say that the message he brought had tears in everyones eyes. I have to admit that I have been a nervous wreck ever since he got the phone call asking if he would fill the pulpit for Sunday. I couldn't sleep the whole night before. But it was ok, once I seen him standing up there in front of the congregation, I felt calm. I had a relaxing peace that over took my body.

There wasn't alot of people there, only around 35-50 but our youngest daughter April and our son in law Tyler were there. They had told us that they would be there but you know how it is, I have to admit I wasn't sure if they'd make it or not even though I had our grandaughter for the night. We both have prayed for them ever since they got engaged. Praying that they would bring up the baby in a Christian home.  Michael's mother, aunt and cousin also came.

 I just want to let everyone know that I am so very proud of my husband. He did good.