Monday, November 17, 2008

Not intential

I started writing an email to someone alittle while ago with the intent of it being just a hi how ya doin kind of thing and before I knew what was going on, I went into a totally different thing. I'd like to get into it more but it's actually it's something between me and that person. So, sorry. If you're anything like me that alone will drive you crazy but like I said, I'm sorry. Can't do. All I can say is this. Have you ever just felt like something was wrong ? You know, with someone or something? Well that's what I'm going through, I guess as a mother I'm gonna get that, alot.

Have you ever said something to someone and it came totally different then it was supposed to? or at least they took it totally different? I know I have. Several times. I have said things at times with the intent of trying to help or comfort and it's been taken the I was satan himself. What really hurts is when you try to give your kids advice and they take it wrong and get mad at you. It's times like that when you totally question yourself as a parent or even a good person. I guess I'm just alittle worried that what I wrote to this person will be taken wrong and they will be mad at me.

Wow! It's happened again. I had a totally different subject I was going to write about today and look what happened. Maybe it's just not the right time to try to sit here and write on my blog.

I'm not really feeling myself today. I am run down and very tired. Maybe I'll just stop for now and take a nap.

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