Monday, March 24, 2008

Trying to Remember

Let me see, where did I leave off in my last entry? Oh yes, I was telling you about my family. I'm sad to say that I am not at all like my mother who could sit for hours and tell stories of her childhood. I miss those days. I wish we would of sat her down with a tape recorder so I could listen to them over and over. I can't remember very much of my childhood really. I wish I would of at least kept a diary so I could go back and re-visit back then. Now there's something I can suggest and maybe even urge you to do. Don't think of it as a girl thing either, write in a diary! Guys, if it makes you feel better, call it a journal but never the less, keep one! You will be so glad you did after the years go by.
Ok, I got that out of the way. My memories>>>> not very interesting I suppose, at least not to all of you who read it but more for me. I can, in my mind, remember walking hand in hand with my father over to the store that was caddy-corner from my house. I was wearing a sweater that he picked out for me. It was a cardigan with big stripes of gray and a soft yellow. Golly that thing must of been down right ugly! I don't know why I remember that but I do. I also can remember when I was very little. Still in a crib in my parents room! Behind one end of my crib I managed to bang a hole in the wall, I remember my teddy bear fell in the whole in between the walls. I don't know why I never told my parents about it so they could of got it out for me but I didn't. I wasn't allowed in my parents room except to sleep and one day my dad patched up the whole. Well, bye bye teddy! I was devistated and that is when I finally told them about it but it was too late. He wasn't about to tear a holw back in the wall just to get it out. You know, still today I wonder if we opened the wall up, would my teddy still be in one piece? Probably not but I'd like to think so. LOL
The memories I have don't have any rhyme or reason. I remember 1 time going to the nursing home and seeing my grandma. I remember putting snow skis on for the first time, going down the hill, falling in a big slushy puddle of ice water (that was the only time I was on skis), I remember my mom talking on the phone and finding out my brother was in jail out of state somewhere. See what I mean, none of these memories make any sense. I mean why do I even remember them?
I remember being at a motel that had a pool (that part is unusual) we never stayed where they had pools>too expensive. Anyways, my sister was watching me at the time & told me it was time to go in and I refused. I got out of the water and she started chasing me around the pool, tripped and fell and broke her ankle.I remember the motel was blue.
I wish someone would explain to me why I remember all these weird things that don't make any sense. Lately, I've been very interested in the past. Like I'll go down a street and remember what stores use to be on a particular street or corner. I have even tried to find books in the library that have old pictures in them to help me figure out what was where. Somestimes it's then when it jolts a memory in me of something I did in the past. I guess I should add that everybody's gone that I could of asked. None of my siblings, parents,grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins are around anymore. They have all past away, I am it! I am the only one left. I think all this is why I decided to start writing a blog. I suppose in hopes it will help me remember more of my past. I think also that I feel it so important to get my own home where all my kids and grandkids can come to. A place where we can share times together and make memories for them. It is very lonely not having the people around from your childhood to talk to. I hope that you all take this to heart and stay close to your family, don't drift apart, talk to each other. Make memories with your family while they are still alive. It looks like my writtings today have went a complete different way then I intended when I started. I have 1 person left in my extended family and that's my brothers 2nd wife Emma. In fact, we haven't spoke but maybe twice since my brother past away. I just called her at work, thank goodness she still works there! She has been holding onto an old trunk full of pictures that my brother got when my mom past away! I am making arrangements to go pick it up later. I am so excited! Pictures are important too!
All this has left me alittle emotional so I must stop now. I'm sure I will have all sorts of things to write about after looking at all the pictures from my past. So stop back by tomorrow or the next day and see what I've managed to dig up. I want to add that today would of been my parents 52nd wedding aniversary if they were still here. What a wonderful present for me! To be able to find a trunk load of pictures of them, of me, of all of us on their aniversary! I made arrangements to pick them up tomorrow! What a birthday present!!!!!

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