Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm gonna Try Again

I don't know if I should even try to do this again but I will. It won't be as good as the one that disappeared but it'll just have to do. It is so aggrevating after working on my post yesterday for 5 hours off and on to have it just poof! I previewed it so shouldn't it be somewhere? My advice to anyone that writes a blog> always save it in the drafts before you post it!
Now, let me try to remember where I started last time. It's no use, my memory escapes me but I do remember I wrote about my family, you know, when I was little. I am the the only child between my parents, Clyde E Edmonds & Shirley M Sills. I was born 3 days after their 3rd wedding anniversary. My dad was 48 and my mom was 33. They both had been married before, from what I've heard, my dad had been married quite a few times but only had 1 daughter before me. Her name was Phyllis and she was around 20 years older then me. She lived in a small town about 15 miles from us but we very seldom seen her because her mother forbid it. Now my mom's former husband died when he was only 28. They had a son and daughter. While I was growing up, they lived with us for the most part. Allen was 12 years older then me. He moved into my grandparents house about 5 blocks away. Sue was 10 years older then me, her I remember well since we shared the same bedroom. We didn't do much of the sister things that most do since I was so much younger. My love of music came from her though. With her in her teens, she was like most other girls at that time. Listened to records non-stop. The 50's and 60's is what I grew up with and to this day are my favorite! Groups like Herman's Hermits, Dave Clark Five, Jackson 5, Turtles, Beatles, so on and so forth. The Greatest Music ever produced! That era is where my "American Idol " came from. Whom other then the wonderful Diana Ross & the Supremes. To this day, if I ever sing karaoke or something, I always practice by singing one of their songs. Ok, ok, time to move on.
The one and only time my sister and I hung out "I was forced upon her" she took me roller skating for my first time ever. We went to the local rink downtown on Portage Street. The name of it was "The Silver Star" and it was on the 2nd floor of a building which unfortunately has been gone for a long time. I remember downstairs, maybe next door was Ron's Billiards. Wow, I plum forgot about that place until now.
Another memory, well let me tell you more about my family. We lived in a nice neighborhood called Washington Square. We lived in the smallest house on the block, a 3 bedroom 1 story. We didn't even have a basement! My dad worked fulltime at a papermill. It was called Parchment back then. It changed names several times. KVP, Brown Company and lastly, James River. He worked there 45 years! I thought he made good money until I grew up and learned he was making the grand total of 3.25 an hour. Back then though I suppose that was alot of money. We managed to have what we needed and some times got just what we wanted. His phylosophy was "if you don't have the cash to buy it then you didnt get it" I wish I would of lived my adult life that way, it sure would of saved me alot of heartache. I could of lived my life that way but after you marry, it's not just up to you anymore. Gosh, I'm wondering again.... My mom didn't have a job outside the home. She stayed home and took care of the house & family. The way it should be.
I remember that every summer when school was out, my dad would take his 2 week vacation from work. Each and every summer we would get in the car and go on a long trip. I remember going to alot of places, I just can't remember which trip it was on. Over the years they all kind of melted into one. My most memorible is when we drove over to Chicago to start our trip. We drove the whole length of the "Mother Road" Route 66! All the way to Santa Monica, California. Back then, it was the only highway that went all the way out west. I was 6 years old on that trip. We went in a 1959 Chevolet Impala, the one with the wings! We had a full car on that trip. Dad, mom, brother, sister, me & my grandma. She was in her mid 80's but she was an active, fiesty old lady! She lived with us until she died at the age of 92. Before then she lived in Cedar Springs, Michigan.
Better move on now or I'll be stuck on that topic for a long time. Growing up, I was very active. Dance lessons, roller skating, bowling, swimming, cheerleading, singing and ice skating are what my world consisted of. All that disappeared once "BOYS" happened. I remember my dad taking me ice skating for the first time. Since I basically lived at the roller rink which was 12 miles from our house, it was trecherous driving there in the snowy months. Back then, 2-3 feet of snow was normal. Anyways, there was a city ice rink only a couple miles from our house, over on Lake Street so he figured since I liked to skate so much, maybe I'd like ice skating. The first time he took me, I had a pair of those double-bladed skates. I went around the rink 1 time and took them off. I wanted the regular 1 bladed ones like everyone else! He tried to talk me out of it thinking I'd really hurt myself but I took to the ice like a duck does to water! I was very petite anyways so they said it looked weird having me out there skating with all the big people. I was so tiny that I would skate between peoples legs! LOL Ice skating from then on became my passion. I joined the figure skating club and was 2 patches away from going Olympic when I finally lost interest. It was a mixture of getting interested in boys and the fact that the city was nice enough to close down the rink. I still think them closing it up was the worst mistake they ever made.
I better stop for now and start thinking about making dinner. It is Easter Sunday and all. Come back in a few days and I'll try to add to my story.

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