Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

I was just thinking, it's funny how some things just kinda stick to your memory. There's no rhyme or reason to them. I still can't figure out why I remember some of them. They have no significate meaning as far as I can tell. I still haven't gotten the trunk of pictures yet but I am hoping that I will get a call today to come pick them up.

Well today is my birthday. 49 years old, dang I'm old. I said that to my youngest and she told me I wasn't old at all. That made me feel good. My daughter in law Jessie was the first to call and tell me Happy Birthday. I don't consider Jessie as an in law, she is just as close as one of my own and she is my friend. She has been a blessing to me ever since my son introduced us. Next to wish me a Happy Birthday was my husband. Then shortly following I got calls from my oldest and youngest. I suppose I won't hear from my son until later tonight since he is on duty at the base.

I have tried to call where the trunk of pictures are at to see if I can possibly go pick them up but no answer. It seems like they would want to get rid of it since it takes up so much space but I have a weird feeling about it. I'm afraid that they got rid of it but are scared to tell me. Oh that would be awful if that's the case. I will try to call again after dinnertime.

Well I have to admit that today has been a more boring then ususal day. I was expecting anything but something would of been a nice surprise.I do have to say that all holidays as well as birthdays have changed drastically since my mother passed away. Let me tell you about how it used to be.

On each of our birthdays, my parents would host a birthday dinner. The menu was of our choosing and no matter what we picked, nobody could complain about it. It was "Our" day. All of my family would be there including their kids and spouses. It got pretty cramped with all of us sitting around the table at my parents little house but it was great! I think the biggest crowd was a total of 15 of us. In my family all of our birthdays happened to fall in February and March so by the time it came to mine I was sick of cake so mom would make me my favorite pecan pie! She made the best and still to this day I haven't found one that tasted as good as hers. I sure miss that. That's what I'd like to do for all my family.I'd love to have a home so they could all come together for all the birthdays. Oh and of course Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc....Who knows, maybe one day.

I decided to take some time off from writing about my life until I get a chance to look through some of the pictures.Then maybe I will have more to write about.
Well I changed my mind. I was laying on the couch watching American Idol when the phone rang. It was my youngest April. She wanted to know if I would watch my grandaughter Alexis. Well, I can't say no to being able to see any of my grandbabies so I told her to bring her on over. She's asleep but I get to look at her anyways.
A commercial came on tv which jolted a long forgotten memory. Weird how that happens sometimes. It made me think back to when I was very very little, probably 3 or 4 when it first began. I used to and still do, ave the worst pain in my legs. No apparent reason except it always seemed to happen withing about 24 to 48 hours before it started to rain. I remember crying and crying from the pain and my daddy would get me up on the couch next to him and rub my legs for hours until I either fell asleep or they quit hurting. My parents spend hundreds of dollars taking me to the doctors trying to find out what was wrong. And you know, here it is 40 plus years later and still I have no answers. I remember my childhood doctor so clearly. His name was Dr McNeil, back then the came to your house when you were sick. He also had an office on Portage Street in Washington Square up above some stores.I still battle with those pains and still no one has figured out why or have offered me anykind of relief. No days the doctors look at you and treat you like your some kind of drug addict. I did happen to find out a couple years back during an ER visit with a bout of horrid headaches that I have a condition called Chiari. Oh well that's not what I had planned on writing about. But it could help someone out there that has had the same trouble.
I had wrote earlier about the birthday dinners my mom and dad had for all of us kids so I bet you'd be surprised to find out that out of all my years growing up, they only gave me 1 regular type birthday party. It was the year before I started school and every kid on the block was there. Maybe that's why they never had any more for me. Thinking back, I bet there were at least 2 kids in all but 3 houses on our block! That's about 40 kids! Yep, that had to be the reason for no more parties.
This blog probably isn't very interesting to most of you and I've probably lost all my readers. I admit, I'm no writer. My writing will most likely be about things I remember just all of a sudden. When your family's gone for so long and there's nobody to talk to about old times, it's not easy to keep things in your head for very long. Like they say,"out of sight out of mind" So if it's alright with you, I'll just type em as they pop into my head. Heck, it's not easy to keep track of what I'm trying to write about and it sure is harder to keep things in order.
I don't even remember what I was writing about in yesterdays blog!
I just remember little things here and there like I said, so I will do my best.

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Aimee Rhea said...

so you thought you'd be sneaky? :) I found this today. Haven't had a chance to read anything just yet, but I will soon.

Happy Birthday again, and so sorry I didn't get you a card. It's not because I don't care, please know. I don't get out much, too busy taking care of your grand babies!