Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Found My Lost Blog!

I know I already re-wrote my blog but I finally happened to run acrossed my first one so I'm just gonna post it. So here it is.

It all began in 1959. Long ago and not so far away. What do I mean by that? well actually I reside only 1 block from where my life on this earth first began. Yes the hospital where I was born is just down the street. I was born to Clyde E Edmonds & Shirley M Sills. I was there 3rd aniversary present! My dad was 48 when I was born and my mother was 33. Kinda old to have a newborn baby right? My father had been married before and had another daughter but she was way older then me. Maybe 30 years older. I didnt know her that well even though she lived within 15 miles from us. My mother also had been married before. She had my half brother, Allen and my half sister Sue. Allen was 12 years older then me and Sue was 10 years older. They lived there with us for their father had died when he was only 28 years old.
I can remember having Sue at the house with us but the only memory I have of Allen was him living up at my grandparnets house. Since they were both so much older then me, we weren’t really that close anyways. I guess the one thing that we had in common was the music. I grew up with the 50’s & 60’s always blarring out of my sisters record player. The reason I know all the words is because back then, we couldn’t afford to buy alot of records so the ones she did have, she would play over and over and over, etc......... Yes they were branded into my brain. I grew up with the Beatles, Turtles, Hermans Hermits, Bobby Vinton, Elvis, Dave Clark Five, just to name a few. I could probably sit here and name hundreds of them and most you’ve never heard of, but were great just the same. Oh yes, One I didn’t mention, and to me, the most important. Who, you are asking? My American Idol, Diana Ross & the Supremes! They were in a leaugue all their own as far as I was concerned. Until this day, she will always be my favorite and one person that I would just love to meet someday. When I was younger, I could mimmick her voice while singing one of her hits. As I grew, music changed, singers changed but the one thing that never changed was my love for those golden oldies. The one and only memory I have of doing something with my sister is when she "had" to take me with her to the roller rink. My first time ever on a real wooden skating rink floor was at the "Silver Star" downtown Kalamazoo on Portage Street. I think it was during the summer just before I started kindergarden.
To Be Continued >>>>>

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Jess said...

Can you believe that 2 years ago today you found out you were gonna be a grandma for the second time,lol. Now your going on number 5! I hope you have a great day!