Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time Goes By

As this day comes and goes, they seem to go faster. Iwas busy doing something and needed to go somewhere by 5 pm, the sun was brightly shinning through the window as it does in the afternoon in the western side of the apt, I looked up at the clock and oh my gosh! It was going on 8 pm. Needless to say, I didn't go where I was suppose to. Time is working against me. More so since I am NOT looking forward to another birthday (which happens to be only a few days away) Michael (my hubby) and I spent the evening together making fruit filled pastries and watching a couple of our favorite shows on the tv. I enjoy it more and more just spending those times together. Oh there was a time a few years back when I would of done anything possible to NOT spend timew with him but I'm happy to say it's not like that anymore. About 2 years ago we decided to work together delivering items that people purchase on the auction sites. We spent hours upon hours, days upon days, weeks upon weeks in our truck. Driving all over the USA. I thought it would be boring and strenuous being cooped up in such tight quarters with him BUT boy was I wrong! We took turns driving and sleeping, talking and laughing. I did most of the navigational stuff and he drove more then I did but it worked out well.
As it turned out, instead of driving us apart, we became closer and happier then we had been in our whole married life together! To be honest, even after being together for 30 plus years, we found out things about each other that we never knew! Blows your mind doesn't it!. They were right when they said, "you never really know a person". So to those of you out there that think living together before you get married helps, well, oh how wrong you are! You just gotta jump in and swim.
It is now going on 11 pm and I am still doing housework. I hate housework, especially when it doesn't belong to me. Other then that, I am patiently waiting for my grand daughter Alexis to come spend the night with us. Of course she will be asleep the whole time she's here but thats ok. I could spend hours just sitting here looking at her. Actually after her being here yesterday and me carrying her all over the building showing her off to all the residents, well I really over did it where my back is concerned. I have been in agony all day and night. I just hate that! I'm just grinnin and bearin it. I have too many sweet lovable grandbabies to let my back problems keep me from enjoying them.
Off to a different subject. I have ran acrossed a video that just fasinates me. If you ever get a chance to see it, watch it! It's called "ANIMUSIC" they have taken computers, instruments and music combined them and well, I can't explain it but it is amazing! These instruments walk around and play themselves. I can't do it justice. Just take my word on it, you gotta check it out. Let me know if you do get the chance, I'd like to know what you think about it.
Well I have been doing pretty good the past 3 days. I am just a regular person, no depression, knock on wood.
Is anybody out there besides me that is sick of all this election junk? In the end, everybody votes for the less evil one, right? Well that's all for my political views!
Now I must take a short break and finish up the dishes and housework. Break? I did say Break didn't I? Now I know I'm losing my mind.
Finally done for the day. I did good. Still have what 12 minutes left of today. I guess I will stop for now and do alittle relaxing before my "little woman" gets here. I do kinda wish it wasn't so late so we could play together but there will be other times so I'll let her sleep tonight.
Well to all of you that have stopped by to read my blog, I'm sorry I don't have anything more interesting to talk about again but give me a few days. I'll get in one of my moods and then my blog will get real interesting, I promise!

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