Sunday, December 14, 2008


   Thinking about past Christmas's  is one thing that I usually try to avoid but as I watch the shows (that I watched when I was a kid) sometimes I can't control where my mind wanders.  I go into a daydream mode that takes me back, back to a time where everything was happy and carefree.

  When you're small, you think things will always be the way they are. But as you grow and things happen whether good or bad, you realize that those things fade away, never to return.  The only thing you have left to hold onto is the memories and the hope that you always remember those.  In most cases, you take those memories and carry on the traditions that were instilled when you were young.

  It is alot of fun and it brings alot of happiness when you have small children of your own.  To do things with them like your Mom & Dad did with you. Also knowing that they probably did the same thing when they were little.

  There are different traditions that I tried to carry on in remembrance of my parents. When I was small until even after I grew up and got married, on Christmas Eve my mother would wait until it was almost bedtime and bring out 2 books.  We would go into her bedroom, sit on the bed and she would read the stories to us.  By us, I mean, myself and my brother and sister.  Yes, even after we grew up and moved away, we would all gather there on Christmas Eve to hear the stories.  Then when we got married, most likely our spouses would also join us to also share that special time.

  As each of our families grew, they also would go into the bedroom and listen to those 2 precious stories. One is very familiar to everyone and that is "The Night Before Christmas" only the one we were so blessed to hear was out of a child's book from some time before 1947.  The pictures were old and some of the words much different from those that are in the books today.

  The other story is well very unique.  It is not known to the present world.  It came out of an old magazine which I believe was only sent out to union members in the electrical trade way, way back when my grandfather was in his later teens. Now since my parents are gone and my grandparents gone years and years before them, well it is very very old.

  It was the story of "The Christ Child". It took place in a little town of Veringaria.  See, like I told you, nobody has ever heard of it.  I have that magazine, I have the book and yes, every year, my children would hear the story.  It was a tradition then and I am hoping that my children will carry on this precious tradition with their families.

  Although I have the originals, I made copies and gave to my children.  I only hope that they too will take time on Christmas Eve, gather on their bed and read the stories as it has always been. Then when their children grow up they will also get a copy of these to share with their families.

  My children are grow and gone so I cannot do as my mother did but some day I hope that I too can have my children and all my grandchildren come sit with me on my bed and hear the stories.

  Now back to what I originally started out to write about. I kinda got lost in the moment for a minute. As my mind wandered off into the past, I remembered something that could of been lost forever.  I dreamed of a time with my grandmother. Something that I only had the opportunity to do just a couple times. I had to get to a certain age before I could join in her tradition with each of her grandkids.

 I would visit her not too long after Thanksgiving and we would make special cookies.  The kind you DON'T eat!  We would make all shapes and sizes for the tree.  We would make them, bake them and paint them.  It was so much fun!  I can't believe that I had forgot that for so many years.  But as I grew and she passed away, I guess I just got too busy in my own life.  It's sad but true and what is worse is that somewhere deep down inside, you too have forgotten memories of good old fashion traditions.

  So here it is, your opportunity whether you be male or female, start this year with a family tradition of your own.  Please, don't get lost in this crazy, busy world.  Slow down for awhile and spend some quality time this your little loved ones.  If you haven't got a clue as to what to do, here is the recipe for Holiday Cookie Ornaments.

  1 cup salt                                                                     2 Tbsp, vegatable oil
  2 cups  flour                                                                Various cookie cutters
  1 cup water                                                                 Water-based paints

  Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl, add the water and oil, then stir till wel blended. Once the dough holds together, make it into a ball and knead it with your hands to make a smooth texture. Place the dough onto a cutting board and using a rolling pin, roll the dough out into a pancake like shape that is thicker then you would use for regular cookies.* you want them thick so they won't crack and break.
  Cut out the ornaments with cookie cutters, design your own ornaments using a blunt knife or shape the dough with your fingers. Punch or carve a hole into the top of the ornament to thread a string, ribbon or piece of yarn to hang it on the tree. (Don't add the straing until after you bake)
 Place on cookie sheet and bake at 250 until hard (1-2 hours)  Once they have cooled completely, paint with water-based paint or you can use glitter and white household glue.
Now you can add whatever you are going to use to hang them.
These ornaments can be used year after year!

  Have fun, make memories and make a lasting tradition that can be carried on years after your gone!


Anonymous said...

Well I to but I about the post should have more info then it has.

Angels In Heaven said...

you know what i needed this, thank you. Tradition seems like has gon out the window. i ask my siblings, all whom are god loving people, took a bit but we all have to get at Godspeed. well no time, so i do it any way, cook, bake, share, but who will hang these from the tree. ahhh. The neighbor kids that's who. and they always do. i just live to them smileing and being happy. and listen to quetions about Jesus, and sit around trying to answer them all. so Thank You again i think have a new theme for Christmas this year. well, if you do't mind me borrowing it for a few years<3