Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pray for a Miracle

  This is going to be a different blog entry then I usually do.  If you've been following my blog then you know how I feel around this time of year.  I have been watching every Christmas show that I can find on tv trying to rid myself of my humbug spirit that takes over.  I have the usual giving heart that I always have but  it's at this time of the year when I get overly obsessed with it.  No matter how much I give, I have this need to give more.  And when it's not possible to give more, I get more depressed.

  So here is where my blog will change (at least this one).  I NEED something. I need something that only you can give me.  I need a prayer sent up above from you.  It needs to be a heartfelt prayer from you.  Also when you are talking to your friends I need you to ask them to pray for me in their prayers.  I guess you could think of it as a chain letter.  A request that will always be getting bigger and bigger.  A never-ending prayer sent for me.

  Pray that God will touch this building I live in and continue to hold it in His hands so that each person here will feel and recognize a change in themselves.  Pray that God gives each and every person the feeling of peace and contentment.  Give them a spirit of giving and thankfulness.  Pray that they will open their hearts and it will be a permanent change.   Also have your prayer include the staff that are in control of the building.  It needs to trickle through everyone associated with the Skyrise.

  Michael and I had a conversation concerning my writings so pray that I can honor his request and I will bind my negative thoughts which flow into my fingers when I type.  There is one subject though that I need to include in this blog.  In your prayers, please include that the person which claims to be a cat hater will do a 360 degree turn around and love cats.

  Anyone that knows me very well, knows my love for cats. They know how much I need them around me.  I haven't ever been this long without a cat in my whole life.  I really feel that it is the root of my feelings of negativity and complaining.  The main reason why I am depressed 95% of the time.  In the past, my cats were the ones I had to hold and love me no matter what.  My closest friend and confidante that would listen closely and would never turn their back on me.

  So to anyone that is reading this, pray that somehow, someway I will soon be able to own a cat again.  I know, I know, God is the one that is always there to talk to and confide in.  But a cat is something I can see and converse with. Sure, I could have conversations with a picture on the wall but you know and I know that, that in itself is a sign of one losing their mind and I think God that I haven't gotten to that point. Although their is someone that I know that does that sort of thing everyday, ALL the time.

  That is another reson why I need to have a cat around. Maybe, just maybe this person would stop creeping everyone out and talk to the cat instead of the wall.  Maybe they would finally come to grips and realize that it is just crazy to have two-sided conversations with people in a picture on the wall.

  Well it's starting to creep into negative writings again so I thank God that I recognize it and know that I should stop now.  So again, I ask you, please include my need for a miracle in my life.