Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fatal Attraction

Years ago Michael & I went through some very bad times. Someone professing to be a very good friend of mine decided to tear mine & my kids life apart. Why? We're still not sure except we later discovered she wasn't right in the head. Unfortunately even now every so often when the mood strikes her, she tries to creep back into our lives. Michael and I guess I do too, feel sorry for her. It's a shame that someone who could do alot of good in the world, instead, is determined to try to reek havoc and chaos.

It never fails, every year around the holidays, the anonymous phone calls begin. This kind of stuff has been going on for years and I don't mean just a couple. She will call repeatedly until Michael answers the phone. I don't know how many times when either myself or Michael's mother answers the phone only to be hung up on. She just doesn't get the fact that Michael & I do not have secrets from one another. The other night when I wasn't able to answer the phone, Michael answered it and guess who it was. The first thing he said after hanging up the phone was...... she's at it again.

She doesn't stop with the phone calls, she also emails him. A couple years ago she was in an accident where she had a pretty severe head injury. Although her and her husband were totally intoxicated, she of course sued and ended up winning a substantial amount of money. It's too bad it didn't put some sense in her head instead of the same sick thoughts. It's too bad that that she wouldn't get her life right and do some good with it.

Anyways, truth be told, she was one of the main factors of us losing our dream house several years back in Kentucky. Michael & I have had many conversations concerning this and he always says the same thing. It's too bad she doesn't try to repay us for all the things she caused our family to lose. Of course she couldn't repay all the hurt, damage and trauma she caused our 3 kids as well as her own kids.

When Michael opens an email from her and it starts out, "email me back and let me know that she doesn't know your password" well that is the tip off that she's up to her sick tricks again. It's a very sad thing. If she'd just put as much effort into doing good as she does bad, the world would be a much better place.

She's done some pretty low stuff but I think the lowest is when she professed to be saved. Oh she's told so many lies. Like telling 2 or 3 men that she was pregnant and they were the father. She told her son that his dad had died (I still haven't figured out why she did that!) she told everyone that she had cancer, the list goes on and on.

All anyone can do is pray for her, pray that she changes her wicked, evil ways and truly become a true child of God. I'm afraid that as many years Michael & I have prayed for her salvation and it's apparent that it hasn't happened yet, she has sold her soul to the devil and it's gonna take a miracle to save her now.

So please, everyone who reads this blog, Michael & I both are asking that you join us and pray for a miracle to happen in her life. That God is able to break through the hold that Satan has over her and she has a REAL life changing experience salvation. With God, all things are possible.

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