Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flood, Tornado, Graduation and No Electric and Water

I watched a movie on the Hallmark channel called "Candles on Bay Street" It was about a girl who moved back to her hometown because she was sick. She was on a mission to find a real home for her son with neighbors that care for one another. This movie came very close to a part of my life. She had Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

My mother died of this same condition. As I watched, thoughts went through my mind of how the last part of my moms life must of been like. It also raised up a bitterness towards my family because they never came out and told me just how bad, how serious her condition was. While she lived in Michigan and I in Kentucky, I was in their mercies.

I don't know if they didn't tell me everything to keep me from worrying or what the true reason was. They would tell me she was doing fine and even sometimes would say she looks like she getting better. That is the cause for my bitterness now that I had watched that movie.

If I would of been told the truth, told just how serious she was and her life expectancy then I would of went to Michigan to be with her and take care of her. I really feel like I missed out on the most important time in my moms life.

Nobody ever shared with me about how serious this form of cancer was. They would say things like, she has cancer but it's only non Hodgkin's lymphoma so to me that in itself led me to believe that it wasn't that bad.

Now that I know what it is and I understand that it progresses quick, I feel I've failed as her daughter. She took care of me when I was small and sick and I should of been there taking care of her. Even as sick as she was, my brother brought my mom and my dad down to Kentucky where we lived just to see our home because I wanted her to. That's how much they loved me.

They came down to see our home plus attend my oldest daughters graduation but they got way more then that! On the trip down, the weather was terrible. They had to drive through a torrential rain storm for about 100 miles then had to stop at a motel because the roads were flooded. By the time they woke up the next morning, the entire parking lot was flooded and so was the vehicle they were driving.

There also was a tornado that destroyed the town we lived in along with trees downed over every road going back to our house. They finally made it back to our house to find that we didn't have any electric and no water! We housed 15 people during all that and came out just fine but it sure made their trip more memorable.

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