Sunday, February 1, 2009

Never Not Finish What You Started

Well it's Superbowl Sunday all over the United States. If there was a way to look inside each house you would most likely see 60% of the televisions on that game. I never paid much attention to the game myself even when I cheered for my school's team.

I really got into it when our son decided that he wanted to play football back when he was in elementary and got on our local kids football team. I went from knowing nothing to just about everything there was to know about the game.

Now that he is grown and in the Army, I am back to my first feelings of the game. I don't care to watch it, no matter which teams are playing. I can understand how parents get into the different sports when their kids are playing but I cannot figure out why you'd want to watch it for any other reason.

Well I can't say I don't ever watch it and I can't say that I don't enjoy it at times but it has to be the right time and the right circumstance. I like watching it when it's just me and my hubby and we can lie around half dressed on the couch but that never happens around here. The other time I enjoy it is when we are sitting around with a bunch of other couples talking, eating hot wings and there is other activities to do like sing karaoke or maybe play texas holdem.

I remember back when we had our own place and we'd invite friends over to watch the games with us. We'd also have our kids at home with us too. Now those were some good times!

I am anxiously awaiting for our grandson's and grand daughter's to grow old enough to become athletes. It's the years in between that are just so boring.

I guess I need to explain something. Maybe the reason this blog makes no sense is because it is now March and I just realized that I never finished this. I'm trying to think back to what I wanted to originally write about but it's no use, I just can't remember! But, at least I tried!

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