Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Does Things Go Wrong?

Well I am highly upset. A few weeks ago I was looking on Ebay with my youngest daughter for a dress for my oldest grand daughter's pageant. I found one I liked andI bid a ridiculous low amount for it. 17.00. Crazy right? Well with the purchase price and shipping and insurance, it still came to less then 25.00. Would you believe my price won! We waited and waited and it finally came. It is adorable! I still can't believe I got it for such a low price. Anyways I marked it on the calendar and finally, today was the day!

I tried to keep myself busy all day awaiting the time for me to leave. A nervous grandma indeed, all day. What a wonderful day for a pageant, yeah right. It's been raining and gloomy all day. My husband did some work today but what happens? He hurt his back of course so he wouldn't be in any shape to go with me. I swallowed my feelings and kissed him good-bye.

I'd been planning for several weeks now that I would leave around 5:20 and that would give me more then enough time to make it out to the mall where it was to be held at 6:00. The phone rang at 5:15, it was Tyler, my son in law saying they decided to start at 5:30. 5:30! That gave me 10 minutes to get out the door, down 3 floors and into my car, drive about 5 miles, walk into the mall and make my way to where they were holding the pageant. Alexis was in the first group to go and was number 2.

I grabbed my purse, camera and coat. Made it out to my car and started driving down the street. Of course with it raining out the cars aren't driving their normal pace, Ugh! Well it turned out that, that was a good thing. I got about 2 miles down the road and the light infront of me was red. I stepped on the brakes. Half way to the floor, a weird noise. My foot pushed farther, NO BRAKES! Thank God I wasn't going any faster then I was and there were no cars ahead of me or in the intersection. I got to the corner and turned the wheel quick. I made it. I guess I should of drove up into the grocery store parking lot right there and buy some brake fluid but I wasn't thinking. Instead, I very slowly drove my 66 Nova back the 2 miles and made it into the parking lot where we live.

I parked the car and sat there for a minute or two trying to calm myself from what had just happened and fight back the tears that were swelling up in my eyes. I looked so forward to seeing Alexis walk down the runway in her cute little California pageant dress. I just can imagine how she was to look since she has just started walking on her own. That cute little wobbly girl all dressed up like a little doll. I still have misty eyes over missing that moment.

I just got a phonecall from Tyler. Alexis got 1st Runner Up! Now I have to wait until I get a chance to see pictures that his mom took. Why do things have to go wrong like this? It seems like it never happens when it's something un-important, it only happens when it's not supposed to happen.


Aimee said...

That's horrible, Mom! Next time, just have them pick you up.

ConcreteAngel959 said...

I would have but by that time it was already too late I'm afraid.