Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well here I am again. I have been thinking in the back of my mind all day, "What can I write about my childhood?" It's scaring me, it's like all of it has been wiped clean from my memory! What's the matter with me? I mean sure, I can remember bits and pieces like how my dad used to drive me everywhere I wanted to go as well as my friends but I can't really remember family things. I don't know, it probably doesn't make sense to you or anyone else but it does to me. When I started writing this blog, I remembered all kinds of things I wanted to write about my family but after 6 months, I just can't remember! I don't know, maybe I'm trying to hard. Maybe I should just take it easy and things will start popping up. Whatever happed in my childhood made me what I am today right. I think I'm a pretty good person so it must be that I had a good childhood I do remember that I was spoiled rotten since I was the baby and I was my mom and dad's only child together.

I remembered something! When I was growing up, my sister was 10 years older then me and my brother was 12 years older then me. I remember my sister when she was in her teenage years. The normal boyfriends coming over and all. I remember her gettin g mad because they paid more attention to me then her. Maybe it was cause I was such a cutie?

I remember when she'd come home from a date and they'd walk her to the door (they did stuff like that back then) anyways, I'd wait for them to get up on the porch step at the door and I'd fling open the door, turn on the light and stick my face right up tight against the window and watch. Oh did she get mad! LOL I had very natural curly hair (like shirley Temple) and to get back at me, when my mom told her to brush my hair, she'd about yank it out of my head! I remember that I used to run and grab the brush and hide it from her and alot of the times when she did get ahold of the brush, I'd crawl under my parents bed where she couldn't get to me. I us to stay under there for hours until she'd leave the house or go to bed. Whichever came first! She used to go to bed early when she didn't have something to do. I mean early, like right after supper!

Wow! Memeories are starting to pop up all over! I am so glad. Here's another one. My mom was a great story teller. I remember her sitting at the kitchen table and tell me story after story of her childhood. Those were such happy times for me. I wish I could of had her record her story sessions so my kids could hear the stories. She did share some of the stories with my oldest child, Aimee, but she probably doesn't remember them. She was so young.

I think I've pushed myself too hard today after being sick. I am starting to feel wimpy again, I just caught myself falling asleep so I need to go for now. I'm gonna take a nap so I'll be able to cook some dinner when Michael gets home.

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Aimee said...

I have lots of fond memories of Grandma sitting at the kitchen table singing me songs, reading me books or telling me stories.

I also remember the day I said the F word, you slapped me, then we all laughed :) I was only in 1st or 2nd grade. Remember, the deaf girl is the one that introduced me to 'flipping the bird'.