Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Election Hanky-Panky

I've been watching all the Election stuff on tv. They just came out with some new interesting stuff about Obama. It seems he has removed the American Flag from his plane and replaced it with an Election logo! They included by saying, "If the United States isn't good enough for Obama then why would people think Obama is good for the United States" AMEN!
Well I'm voting for McCain/Palin and I am proud of it. In my opinion, Any Christian that IS a Christian would have to vote for McCain, Anyone related to the Military, would have to vote for McCain! If they have any kind of conscience at all, they would have to VOTE FOR McCAIN/PALIN!

I heard somewhere that there is more new voter applicates this year then ever before and that 85% of them are African American. It has become a racial thing and that in itself is awful! I also think that the only reason Powell is backing Obama is because he's african American. I recieved an email about the Book of Revalations and Obama, have you gotten it? Well it sure makes me wonder! All I have to say about that is , if he does somehow get voted in, people better get right with God just in case!

The more I hear and learn about Obama, the more I can't believe anyone with their right mind could vote for him!

Here's something else that will make you think. My mother in law (a registered republican" called for an absentee ballot. After waiting several weeks, she never got it. We called to inquire about why she hadn't got it yet. They informed her that it was "undeliverable?
She has lived in the same residence for 23 years. Now how could it be "undeliverable"?????? It seems to me that's just more proof of some more Obama hanky panky.

As far as I'm concerned Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President then Obama is! and she's running for Vice-President. So people better get this black/white issue out of their mind and come to their senses! Come on people, Don't vote for the color, Don't vote for the party, Don't vote for the person, VOTE FOR THE QUALIFICATIONS!!!!!!!!

I'm not usually into politics at all but this year and hearing what all is going on, I got a fire lit under my butt! So to all of you who think Bush did a bad job, if Obama gets voted in well you ain't seen nothing.

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