Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy, Busy Busy!

Yes I've been busy and I do mean busy. See since a year or so ago when the gas prices went through the roof and we stopped working as delivers of auction items on Ebay we both just took on odd jobs and Michael went back to work for Yellow Cab here in Kalamazoo.

After working for ourselves, well working for other people just don't cut it anymore so after some long discussions, praying and saving up enough money, we decided to start our own transportation company! Yes I know that's what we had before but this time it's people we deliver!

I want to announce the birth of GODSPEED TRANSPORTATION! We are the new kid on the block so to speak in the limo/taxi business. Limo Rides at Taxi Rates and our motto is Traveling at the speed of God!

Our rates are below the competitors (which there are several) but we are different from them. We will not make the drug runs or offer information on where people can go to get drugs. We are offering FREE RIDES TO CHURCH for those that have no other way to get there. We are working to get a designated driver program together for those too intoxicated to drive home safely. So if there are any bars, churches, insurance companies or even you private citizens out there that would like to help us out by sponsoring such a program, PLEASE contact us by email or by phone "269-547-5477". Our website is now under construction and will be up and operating soon but until then you can reach us by those mentioned. We will soon be set up to take credit card/debit card payments also!

We are a family owned and operated business. We now have on the road, a luxurious RV type van which holds up to 9. Also equipped with 1 toddler safety seat available upon request. Soon to be added is our stretch limo! Like I said, limo rides at taxi rates! It is complete with the usual limo contents. Only ours is family friendly, no alcohol provided by us.

Well I just wanted to stop by and fill you in on why I haven't been blogging. Now you know!
Hope to meet you sometime in our Limo/Taxi. Remember to mention how you heard about us and maybe you'll get an even bigger discount!

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