Thursday, April 30, 2009


I didn't have to good of a day today. I first started out going to the Imaging place for my cervical MRI for my Chiari. I had really talked myself into being relaxed and comfortable and decided that "I can do this". Everything was going good and I was feeling at ease. I laid down on the table and they went to hook up that piece with the antenna in it which is like a whiplash collar. That did it. I went into a full blown panic attack like I'd never experience before. In fact it was so bad that it scared the crap out of both technicians. Needless to say, I didn't get my MRI done today. They did contact my doctor and had him write a referral for me to be sedated and are setting me up for another one.

And to add to this situation. The Doctors office told me that I would have to call and schedule my own MRI which I have never had to before plus I can't tell them that I have to be sedated so now what am I to do?
I am added this one paragraph on Friday morning.  The MRI Imaging place called me and told me that they received a fax yesterday afternoon from my doctors office and there was a problem.   My doctors office sent them the note that they wrote themselves!  Instead of faxing new orders over saying that I require an anesthesia assisted MRI they just returned the original note with no new orders. See what I'm having to deal with!

Then this afternoon I went to my primary doctor. That was a total waste of time and upset me completely. He come in with my file and said that he didnt have any test results back. I told him that my other doctor had those results 2 days ago and he asked "ME" what they said! I again asked him about medication for my menopause and he made some remark about since I have emphysema and heart disease that I can't take them? I told him that I didnt have either and he said are you sure? By that time I was highly irritated to say the least. Then he blurted out that I have a cyst on my kidney. After everything else, I don't know if I can believe him or not! My white count is still high but not as high as before BUT he still didn't give me an antibiotic.

I asked him about writing me a referral for an optometrist, he told me to go to the store and buy some reading glasses?

I told him that my Chiari headaches had started up again last Sunday and he said it must be hayfever causing them since it's that season. He has my files where my Chiari is documented with all my symptoms!

He asked if my meds for my back and leg pain were doing any good, I told him no they just make me sleep all the time and I couldn't do that because I have a grandbaby to watch and he never gave me anything else to try.

I also told him that my back itches really bad all the time and I was concerned about it and he offered to write me a script for benedryl which is in my file stating I am allergic.

Why do I always get doctors that are incompetent? Now you can see why I don't like going to the doctors, it doesn't do me any good.

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